"I am a Grade 10 pupil at Maritzburg College. In the mid year maths exam I got 35%. My father bought me Ask Archie in August this year. I have just received my year end maths marks, getting 83 and 84% for each of the two exams. ASK ARCHIE has definitely helped me. Thank you so much." - Matthew Greatwood (Grade 10 learner – Maritzburg College)


    "My Grade 10 Maths mark increased from 32% - 60% in only 2 months. Archie has officially become by Maths solution!" - Given Makoa (Grade 10 learner, St Marks College)


    "Our Learners have acquired a powerful resource to tutor themselves at a very affordable cost, compared to private tuition" - Head of Mathematics (Giyani High School)


    "My son went from 29% to 63% in 2 months - thanks a million Ask Archie!" - Nadeema Abrahams


    “When Charlotte first registered her Ask Archie revision software, she managed only 59% for Maths. Last term she achieved a score of 80%. She is now looking forward to achieving even higher in the subject!” – Tim Mwanza


    "Ask Archie has helped me so much in terms of passing with flying colours. From a 25% - 74%. The hard work really paid off!” - Megan Ho (Grade 8 Learner – Edenvale High School)


    "I feel a lot more confident accessing Ask Archie than asking invalid questions during class. Archie has helped me out with more than a few of my concerns and they were thankfully explained in greater depth." - Keya Barkhuizen (Grade 9 learner – Maritzburg College)


    “Ask Archie’s step by step approach to Maths success is a programme  I would encourage other schools to make use of” - School Principal (Kingdom Christian College)


    I am a Maths teacher and use Ask Archie in lessons to make it more interesting for the learners and to enforce the work being taught. The learners enjoy this change and I found Archie to be an excellent teaching tool” – Deputy Principal (Carleton Jones High School)


    ”The material is well drawn up and fits the curriculum accurately per grade and per topic. The explanations and working out are clear, colourful and dynamic.” - Murray Gibbon (School Principal - Claremont High School)


    ”Ask Archie would benefit Maths learners in that it explains the basics in a well constructed manner. I would strongly endorse this product to further improve Maths results and compliment work done in class” - Moira Clarke, Maths HOD - Redhill High School

Ask Archie Inspiration

Archimedes (born c. 287 BCE, Syracuse, Sicily, Italy) aka “Archie" is the inspiration behind our name.

Considered the greatest mathematician of antiquity and one of the greatest minds of all time, Archimedes anticipated modern calculus and analysis by applying concepts of infinitesimals and the method of exhaustion to derive and rigorously prove a range of geometrical theorems, including the area of a circle, the surface area and volume of a sphere, and the area under a parabola.

Why use Ask Archie for Revision?

Those who struggle to understand key Maths and Science principles learn best when they are able to follow at their own pace. Given the strategic importance of Mathematics and Science in a world that has a technological slant, focused intervention in assisting learners in the High School phase is of national importance.

With back and forward revision prompts, colourful arrows and in-depth key notes, we allow users to focus on developing their analytical and problem solving skills. Our user friendly revision software is grade specific (Grade 8 - 12) , requires little computer knowledge and is not entirely internet dependant.

Practice makes Perfect - One step at a time

Maths may be seen as a nemesis subject for high school learners. Archie knows that practice makes perfect; he also knows that teens like to learn things by visualisation and by being in control of the explanation pace. When making use of our programme, each problem is explained in graphical detail and a step-by-step solution is always provided. Maths and Science revision the Ask Archie way has a proud track record for improving results fast. See our testimonial page.

Traditional vs Ask Archie ?

Nothing should replace the importance of High School Maths or Science teachers, the school curriculum or text books. Ask Archie is a supplementary learning tool which compliments the existing structures in place and allows aspiring learners to "focus" in their own time. Classwork can be practiced over and over in the comfort of one's own home; and we encourage parents to work through the programme with their children to monitor their continual improvement in Maths and Science.

Our Mission Statement

Our passion with this High School revision series is to boost teacher and learner confidence in Maths and Science, continually align ourselves with the ever changing curriculum and create a community - online and on the ground - that is a safe and fun place for learners to engage with this vital subject, problem solve and gain the much needed skills to allow South Africans to compete on a world stage

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Please note the content on offer here is for DOWNLOAD purposes only. These are NOT physical CDs.

  • Grade 8, 9, 10, 11 & 12 Mathematics is offered in both English and Afrikaans
  • Grade 8 Mathematics is offered in Xhosa & Zulu as well
  • Your Grade Purchase allows for unlimited access, allowing you to refer back when you reach Grade 12

The online version includes access to past exam paper with memo's as well as additional tutorials.
The full South African CAPS aligned Maths curriculum is covered in each grade


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