Calling all teachers!

You're the experts... so why not partner together? Ask Archie aims to make your life easier in the classroom by developing learners who are increasing their aptitude and taking ownership of their future ambitions.

There is just no substitute for practice, practice, practice in Mathematics. With a visually appealing product for our techno-wired youth of today, Ask Archie makes maths fun and simple with step by step examples and loads of exercises, tutorials and past exam papers. Without replacing a teacher or textbook, Ask Archie aims to create a more confident scholar by complimenting the entire syllabus for each high school grade, allowing learners to advance at their own pace. But perhaps you would consider including this eye-catchy product on screen during classtime or as an additional maths tool for your extra lessons? We invite you to join us and take maths to new heights in South African education.

Please feel free to get in touch and share your ideas and feedback from the Ask Archie experience.

We will be happy to meet with you.

The Ask Archie Team