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Our methodology is simple and effective. Use technology. Use some colour. Eliminate sound to enhance focus. Use pen and paper in conjunction with the on screen tutoring programme in order to school oneself ‘the old way’ – with hard work and concentration.

INTERACTIVITY and a video game approach to Maths is the buzz but we know that a solid and straightforward approach to learning Mathematics is the only answer. Improved results take discipline and practice, there is simply no other alternative.

Essentially Ask Archie is your HOME Tutor on a PC, Laptop or Tablet which saves parents investing in extra Maths tuition. We give our users ownership of the explanation pace and the methodology for achieving deserved Mathematics success!

Each Ask Archie programme (Grade 8 – 12) includes topics learnt throughout the Maths year.


We show you a systematic approach to understanding key concepts of the curriculum. Mathematics often requires careful attention and a slow pace, and this unfortunately cannot always be achieved in class. Ask Archie users can benefit from the step by step approach we take -  this includes colorful explanations and back and forward prompts to assist problem solving. We have chosen to exclude sound, primarily to aid concentration levels. 

When it comes to focused Maths revision time, less is more!


The Ask Archie Series includes over 300 slides and 4000 individual instruction prompts per grade. These prompts have been formulated by IEB Examiners who have your understanding of key concepts and Maths success at heart. 


Besides being your digital text book, Ask Archie offers the added benefit of carefully selected tutorials and past exam papers. 


We send out regular past exam papers.


Members receive access to memo's via our member zone page so be sure to log in to your profile on a regular basis.